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Special Residents of Orchard Equine Retirement

Broodmares, Emergency Lay-ups, Critical Care, Adoptees, & Interim Care


Special Residents: Features



1986- January 7th, 2017

Jenny came to us from the Large Animal Protection Society, LAPS.

Jenny had been a victim of animal cruelty. Several horses in the barn with Jenny did not survive.

Save for occasional light riding by our daughters Jenny spent the rest of her life in retirement.



Unwanted by rescues, Jazz was an Arabian gelding given to Jack when his owner was no longer able to provide Jazz with a permanent home. 

Jazz was very well trained and one hundred percent sound. Jazz was caught in the middle of his breeder/owners' divorce which unfortunately resulted in Jazz neglected in a field without shelter.

Jazz, a very intelligent Arab, never forgot and insisted on his daily stall. Jazz was a lover of raisins. Jazz died July 4th from a lipoma.


Pennsylvania /pre 1970 - 2008

Munchkin joined our family when his longtime friend Misty came to retire at Orchard Equine Retirement.

Munchkin had other ideas when it came to be a riding pony for our daughters. After diligently grooming and saddling Munchkin he promptly laid down when Jessie mounted him!

Later on a lead line he would submit to the rare trail ride but as soon as he was off the lead he was on his way home, at a very determined walk.


Pennsylvania / 1990 - 2007

Gus, a very nice tempered green broke Quarter Horse gelding joined our family as a riding horse for Christine. Instead Gus spent most of his time living the life of a retired horse and became friends with Junior and Jake. Gus made his film debut in Linda Swain’s “Moms on the Move” show. Sadly at age eleven Gus showed clear signs of lameness. When asked how a horse so lightly ridden that he was still “green broke”, and who had never suffered an injury could be lame at age eleven, her response was,

“It’s his genetics.”

Due to his Quarter Horses bloodlines that breed horses with small hooves and upright pastures resulted in Gus going lame in the prime of his life. Very sad. Gus was freed from the pain of navicular syndrome at age seventeen and laid to rest next to his friend, Jake.



Given to us by a family friend Pawnee was our daughters’ first pony. A favorite Pawnee story is when Pawnee decided he wanted to graze. No matter how hard Jessica tried Pawnee refused to raise his head.Jessica finally had to concede defeat when Pawnee’s saddle slipped down over onto his neck!  Pawnee was not the first pony to try Jessica’s horsemanship skills.

Pawnee is laid to rest under the Apple Trees next to Sirocco, Tank and Bathsheba.

Imported Horses


Three imported warm bloods came to stay with us for a short time after the trailer transporting them from their quarantine in Newburg, NY crashed after hitting black ice on nearby I-81.

Antamazus "Andy"


April 1999 Andy's owner had high hopes of training him to compete in eventing. Unfortunately those dreams were shattered when Andy lost vision in one eye. Andy was donated to a horse sanctuary.



Suza a quarter horse mare came to OER in October 1996 at age 24.was boarded with us for a short time while her owner was unable to care for her at home.


TB Racehorse /Pennsylvania

Cliffy was a Thoroughbred racehorse who spent a year at Orchard Equine Retirement recovering from a bone chip in his knee.

Cliffy had the time of his life during the very snowy winter of 1993-'94. Upon arrival from the track, Cliffy could not get enough of the snow. He took turns rolling in it, and then rearing straight up. Running was out of the question as most of the pasture was under 2 to 3 feet of snow!


TB Racehorse / Pennsylvania

Robbie, owned by our friend and co-worker at Brook Ledge Horse Transportation stayed with us during his six months of complete stall rest. Robbie had fractured his sesamoid bones, ending his racing career.

Robbie departed for further recovery as Christine, being on restricted activity during the last months of her pregnancy, could not provide the the exercise Robbie required to complete his recovery.


TB Broodmare / Pennsylvania

Maude, a TB broodmare owned by a co-worker at Brook Ledge Horse Transportation stayed with us shortly after Prince came home. 

Maude only remained with us for a few months until shortly before she foaled as the farm was not equipped to handle foaling mares. Later Robbie, Maude's foal came to live with us while  recovering from a racing injury.

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