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Peace of Mind For Horse Owners is When Their Horse Is

  • Running & Kicking Up their Heels

  • Living in a Safe Environment

  • Checked Throughout the Day

  • Grazing in Beautiful Pastures with No Hazards

  • Sleeping in the Grass in the Early Morning Sunshine

  • Protected by Safe Fencing in all their Pastures & Paddocks

  • Drinking Fresh Water

  • Not having to Break the Ice to Drink Water

  • Enjoying Treats

  • Eating out of Clean Feed Tubs & Water Buckets

  • Fed Enough to Maintain their Weight

  • Never Driven off from their Food by More Aggressive Horses

  • Participating in Mutual Grooming Sessions with their Friend

  • Given their Medications & Supplements

  • Safely Sheltered from Mother Nature's Wrath

  • Never Shivering when its Cold

  • Making a Friend

  • Not Covered in Bothersome Biting Flies

  • Blanketed when Necessary

  • Having their Hooves Trimmed Regularly & Properly

  • Happy

  • Treated with Kindness

  • Loved

  • Held & Comforted by Someone who Shares Your Love for Your Horse when its Time to Say Good-Bye

  • Buried or Cremated per your Wishes

Horse Retirement Is: Headliner

Happy Retirement For Horses is When


  • Pastures where you graze 12-14 hours a day as your digestive system is designed to do

  • Pasture and Forage that provides majority of your nutrients, as nature intended

  • High Quality Hay baled in small bales available 24/7, just like nature intended

  • Fencing that you can see easily

  • Rounded curved corners in pastures to prevent more aggressive horses chasing you into a corner

  • Fresh Water on Demand, & Heated in Winter

  • Shelter that keeps the rain and snow out

  • Friends that watch over you when you sleep

  • Shelter that you feel safe enough to enter, especially during bad weather

  • Shelter that faces South

  • Friends to run & play with

  • Shelter that is clean and welcomes you to lie down

  • Herd members who leave your shelter in all weather to use the toilet

  • Provided with extra nutrition when your age, health issues, and teeth make even the best forage not enough to maintain your weight

  • Friends to scratch your hard to reach areas

  • Provided with supplements and medications to help you when age and life is catching up

  • A special soft dirt area where you & your friends like to roll

  • Provides you with the lifestyle you are accustomed to except you only have to come in when its time for dinner.

  • You can go out to play again after dinner.

  • Provided with what ever it is that makes your retirement special- from being able to have a pony or donkey as your friend

  • Treats

  • Never being separated from your best friend because you are "too attached"

Horse Retirement Is: Headliner

Reserve Your Horse's Retirement Today

Peace of Mind is Priceless.

At Orchard Equine Retirement we have been providing Full Care Horse Retirement since 1988. We know that retiring horses is so much more than turning a horse out in a pasture.

Much more.  We understand and respect the special relationship owners have with their horses. We understand how difficult it is to separate from your partner and friend.

We've been there. Lying awake at night wondering if they are being fed properly. If they are standing out in the weather, or are they comfortable inside their box stall or run in shed with their buddies.

It is that very relationship with a horse named Prince and the failed search for a horse retirement farm where he could safely retire, that inspires us to this day.

We look forward to discussing the retirement you want for your horse. Please include your horse's name in your message!

Our Rates 

We offer flat rate and itemized billing. Clients choose which method best suits their horse's needs and their preferences. Call or send a message to reserve your horse's retirement at the farm that continues to set the standard in horse retirement.


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Orchard Equine Retirement

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