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Forage - The Foundation of Your Retired Horse's Diet

High Quality Small Bales Only

Orchard Equine Retirement feeds only high quality hay made in small bales.

Second and third cutting Orchard Grass, Orchard Grass/Alfalfa or Orchard Grass/Clover Mix are the standard hay choices.

Horses are fed the hay that best meets their nutritional requirements.

Mature first cutting is provided to horses with certain metabolic disorders whose condition requires a hay with lower sugar & starches.

A local family farm supplies all of our hay in small hay bales, thus providing your horse with a consistent high quality hay source. 

In the rare instance where our high quality hay and/or pasture with Blue Seal Sentinel feeds is not enough to maintain a retired horse's weight, we supplement with Alfalfa Cubes or Pellets, and Chopped Hay Products. 

Monti & Molly both in their 30's enjoy hay from a slow feed hay net at Orchard Equine Retirement

Grass & Legume Hay Mix

2nd & 3rd Cutting

Depending on the needs of the retired horses in our care, we feed second and third cutting Orchard Grass/Alfalfa mix, Orchard Grass/Clover Mix, straight Orchard Grass and/or straight Alfalfa.

We feed first cutting hay to our goats, ponies on a weight reduction diet and horses whose health issues such as a history of laminitis, insulin resistance, Cushings, and EPSM require lower sugar and starch such as that generally found in later first cutting hay.

CoOp, a retired show mare enjoys eating from a slow feed hay net in the Upper Barn Run In Shed

Slow Feed Hay Nets/Bags

Controls Waste

We utilize show feed hay nets as a means of controlling waste and reducing cleanup. Horses are provided access to hay 24/7 when adequate pasture is not available to meet your horse's nutritional needs.

Since our goal is waste reduction rather than on slowing a horse's rate of hay consumption we utilize 1.5" and  2" opening bags. Ponies who need to have their rate of consumption slowed utilize the 1" opening bags.

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Reserve Your Horse's Retirement Today

Peace of Mind is Priceless.

At Orchard Equine Retirement we have been providing Full Care Horse Retirement since 1988. We know that retiring horses is so much more than turning a horse out in a pasture.

Much more.  We understand and respect the special relationship owners have with their horses. We understand how difficult it is to separate from your partner and friend.

We've been there. Lying awake at night wondering if they are being fed properly. If they are standing out in the weather, or are they comfortable inside their box stall or run in shed with their buddies.

It is that very relationship with a horse named Prince and the failed search for a horse retirement farm where he could safely retire, that inspires us to this day.

We look forward to discussing the retirement you want for your horse. Please include your horse's name in your message!

Our Rates 

We offer flat rate and itemized billing. Clients choose which method best suits their horse's needs and their preferences. Call or send a message to reserve your horse's retirement at the farm that continues to set the standard in horse retirement.


Christine, Jack, and Sarah

Orchard Equine Retirement

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