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Setting the Standard

Orchard Equine Retirement utilizes passive solar principles to provide your horse with optimum shelters in both winter and summer weather. Our run in sheds use passive solar to warm the sheds in winter and cool the sheds in summer. The sun is lower in the winter, thus the overhang allows the sun's rays to warm the interior of the South facing shed. In summer when the sun is higher, the overhang prevents the summer sun’s rays from heating the shed as it does in winter.

In the thirty plus years Orchard Equine Retirement has boarded retired horses at our facility in Central Pennsylvania we have experienced heat, rain, snow, ice, and of course wind, weather that occurs throughout most of the mainland United States.

The standard run in sheds seen on many farms do not adequately protect horses from the weather due to the overhang being too small. Our free standing sheds with 8’ overhang provide the horses with the added benefit of a shaded “porch” area in summer that also keeps the interior of the shed cooler in summer. The overhang protects the interior of the shed from the direct summer sun due to the sun being higher in the sky in summer than in winter.

Location - Run in sheds must be located with proper drainage to prevent the interior from flooding due to groundwater runoff and to prevent your retired horse from having to navigate through a mud hole outside the shed’s entrance.

Orientation - In the Northern Hemisphere run in sheds must be open to the South to take advantage of the sun’s position in the winter sky. Winter storms have winds from the North and East, thus the opening to the South to Southwest to avoid winter winds blowing into the shed.

Experience -Our first run in shed had a standard two foot overhang which we quickly learned was not sufficient enough protection to keep the shed, or the horses, including my beloved Prince, protected from the elements. Thus we added an 8’ overhang to our 24’ wide and 16’ deep run in sheds.

All of our subsequent sheds had overhangs from four to six feet incorporated into the design of the sheds.A  lower entrance height, such as the sheds incorporated into the Upper Barn and the Front Barn, require less of an overhang due to the lowered entrance height. Anything less and the shed will not protect your retired horse.

At Orchard Equine Retirement it is our goal to provide your horse, many of whom have lived their entire lives in stalls, with shelter that protects them from the elements just as their stall did during their performance years,with the added benefits of plenty of fresh air (necessary for respiratory health), and freedom to exercise as they wish, necessary for the digestive and mental health of your retired horse.

Anything less and we are not doing our job.

Run In Sheds: About

What Clients & Horse Owners Say About Our Sheds

Yvonne Haus - NJ

“Thanks for the photos. Topper looks great! So plump & his coat is so glossy. Every one that saw his picture remarked the same and of course I have you to thank for the excellent care.

The remarks about the shed are also, 'Wow!  What a shed!!' "

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Horse Retirement Shelters

Setting the Standard

All of our run in sheds face South to take advantage of southern winter sun and away from prevailing winds.

All floors have 2B stone for drainage with stone dust on top.

Sheds are bedded with wood pellets to absorb urine in warm weather. In winter straw is added to provide warmth and create a heat generating pack which makes our run in sheds in the words of one vet, "very cozy".

Nelson Automatic Heated Waterers are located within a few feet of the run in sheds so your horse does not have to leave the proximity of their run in shed during inclement weather.

Hay is provided both inside and outside the run in sheds in slow feed hay nets to reduce wastage which can be seen in the upper run in shed gallery.

Run In Sheds: Features

Front Barn Run In Shed


 24' x 24'

Built in 2017 by Rohrer Construction Front Run in Shed incorporates a 16' x 6' hay/bedding storage room with a full swing out grill door custom built by Frey Brothers into the shed providing insulation on the shelter's North wall.

Southern yellow pine tongue & groove boards to height of 10'.

Rear wall has a swing open window for cross ventilation in warm weather.

Upper Barn Run In Shed


12' x 24' with 6' Overhang

Built in 2009 by Rohrer Construction the Upper Barn run in shed is incorporated into the barn with a 6' wide sliding door opening into the center aisle of the barn allowing direct access from the barn into the run in shed.

The 6' overhang extends length of the barn providing a porch area outside two of the barn's box stalls & allows visitation with stabled horses via oversize stall windows.

Southern yellow pine tongue and groove kick boards to a height of 10'.

Pony Prison Shed


16' x 10' with 4' Overhang

The smallest of our run in sheds provides shelter in the dirt paddock known as "Pony Prison".

Oak kick boards to 8'.

Utilized by new arrivals, ponies on restricted grazing, and horses with health issues requiring limited turnout.

Connects directly to grass paddocks.

Lower Run In Shed

Copy (2) of sheds2.jpg

16 x 24' with 8' Overhang

The Lower Run in Shed serves the Lower Pasture and opens into the Lower Dry Lot. A Nelson Heated Automatic Waterer is located just a few feet from the shed's Southern opening.

Upper Run In Shed

The upper run in shed with 8’ overhang at Orchard Equine Retirement provides shelter for your retire

16 x 24' with 8' Overhang

Built in 1988 with 8' high oak kick boards

Reserve Your Horse's Retirement Today

Peace of Mind is Priceless.

At Orchard Equine Retirement we have been providing Full Care Horse Retirement since 1988. We know that retiring horses is so much more than turning a horse out in a pasture.

Much more.  We understand and respect the special relationship owners have with their horses. We understand how difficult it is to separate from your partner and friend.

We've been there. Lying awake at night wondering if they are being fed properly. If they are standing out in the weather, or are they comfortable inside their box stall or run in shed with their buddies.

It is that very relationship with a horse named Prince and the failed search for a horse retirement farm where he could safely retire, that inspires us to this day.

We look forward to discussing the retirement you want for your horse. Please include your horse's name in your message!

Our Rates 

We offer flat rate and itemized billing. Clients choose which method best suits their horse's needs and their preferences. Call or send a message to reserve your horse's retirement at the farm that continues to set the standard in horse retirement.


Christine, Jack, and Sarah

Orchard Equine Retirement

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