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Full Care Horse Retirement Since 1988

Managing the Retired Horse

Retiring your horse is much more than turning your horse out in a pasture to live "au natural". The sections below with links provide detailed information on all aspects of our management of your retired horse and the reasons why each is important to you and the health and happiness of your retired horse.

Full Care Retirement: Headliner



  • Four Pastures

  • Run in Sheds

  • Nelson Automatic Waterers

  • KeepSafe Diamond Fencing

  • Rounded Corners

  • Soil Tested

  • Nutrients Added

  • Every Acre in Grass

  • No Hazards

  • Mowed


Extruded Feeds Standard

  • Fed individually in box stalls or individual paddocks

  • Premium Blue Seal Sentinel Line of extruded feeds 

  • Extruded feeds optimize digestion

  • Horses utilize 30% more nutrients than textured or pelleted feeds

  • Research supports benefits of extruded feeds.

  • Each horse's diet customized to their needs

  • Diets to meet metabolic digestive disorder

  • No set limits on amount fed


24/7 Free Choice

  • Premium small hay bales

  • Fed in slow feed nets

  • Fed inside sheds during inclement weather

  • 2nd & 3rd cutting

  • Orchard Grass

  • Orchard Grass/Alfalfa

  • Alfalfa

  • 1st cutting for horses with metabolic digestive disorders met by 1st cutting hay

  • Available if required: Chopped hay (Dengie) Hay Cubes. Alfalfa Pellets

  • No large bales


Fed & Reordered

  • SmartPak appreciated but not required.

  • Owners pay cost of supplements

  • Feeding & reordering of supplements -no charge

  • High quality forage reduces the amount of feed required

  • High quality forage & concentrates reduce need for supplementation

  • Stress free environment of retirement farm often eliminates need for ulcer treatment.

Veterinary Care

Scheduled for You

  • Spring & Fall Vaccinations​

  • Free Dental check twice a year​

  • Teeth Floated as required​

  • Wellness Exam twice a year​

  • Worming Program- Dewormers & Fecal Testing

Farrier Care

Full-Time Professional Farrier

  • Farm Arranges Appointments & Holds Horses at No Charge

  • Trims every 6-8 Weeks

  • Front Shoes as Needed

  • Sno-Cuffs in Winter w/Front Shoes

Minor Health Care

Farm Staff Performs

  • Medications Given

  • Fly Spray 

  • Swat 

  • Sheath cleaning 

  • Udder cleaning 

  • Minor medical care

  • Bandaging

  • Cold water hosing

  • Poulticing

  • Hand Walking


Monthly or Daily

  • Nine Box Stalls

  • One 12’ x 16 layup stall with observation window

  • Options include

    • Monthly basis

    • Daily basis in severe weather

  • ​Wood shavings and straw bedding

  • Cleaned one to two times daily and picked throughout the day

  • Salt blocks in each stall

  • Water provided in five gallon buckets

  • Slow feed hay nets

Pasture Run in Sheds

Our Sheds Keep the Weather Out

  • Five run in sheds

  • South facing with overhangs

  • Bedded with wood pellets in summer

  • Bedded with wood pellets and straw in winter

  • Two 16’ x 24’ & 8’ overhangs with 8’ high oak kick boards

  • One 14’ x 12’ with 4’ overhangs

  • One 12’ x 24’ with 6’ overhang, 10’ high T & G kick boards

  • One 16’ x 24’ with 8’ overhang 10’ high T & G kick boards


Repairs & Cleaning Arranged

  • Halters- Washable nylon with breakaway leather crown preferred.

  • Blanketing - high cut necks preferred

  • Sheets during Spring "mud season"

  • ​Fly Sheets -for horses bothered by biting insects

  • Fly Masks with ears washed & put on

  • Shoo-Fly Leggins - protect legs & reduces stamping

  • Cribbing straps/collars - Not required. 

  • Washing & repairs included in flat rate board fee

  • Equipment supplied dependent on size availability

Saying Good-Bye

Heirloom Apple Orchard

  • Arrangements made by farm

  • Burial in apple orchard

  • Spring bulbs remember your horse

  • Flat markers

  • Cremation option

  • Handled with dignity and compassion

Retirement Packages

Meeting Your Needs

Orchard Equine Retirement offers options to meet the needs of our clients

  • Flat rate board package

  • Itemized boarding options

  • Credit cards accepted via PayPal

  • Discounts for prepayment

Full Care Retirement: Features
Laura Dapuzzo competing on Donnie later retired to Orchard Equine Retirement, the premier horse reti

Laura  Dapuzzo

“Back in 2004 I made the tough decision to retire my two horses.  I had a successful show career with both of them and as they were getting older I felt they deserved to live out their lives just being horses. 

I spent countless hours researching retirement farms.  There were some farms that were downright scary – pastures that were poorly fenced, horses drinking out of dirty water troughs, no individualized care, no access to stalls. 

Then there were places like Orchard Equine Retirement.  Pastures with secure fencing, access to clean water buckets (and now automatic waterers that are heated!), stalls available when need and access to run in sheds in every pasture. 

What made Chris and Jack stand out from the rest of the “good” retirement farms was their love for the animals.  They love each of these horses like they are their own children. 

The first time I went there to check out the farm Chris introduced me to every single horse there.  She told me their background, what they like and don’t like, who their barn buddies are. 

Chris, Jack and now Sarah provide exceptional care for the horses.  They go above and beyond to make sure the horses and safe, healthy and happy.  My gelding passed away from intestinal cancer in 2007.  It meant so much to me knowing his final years were good ones. 

My mare is still a current resident there and will turn 31 this year!  With the exception of a few (ok a lot of!) gray hairs you would not be able to tell she was 31.  Her weight is good, her coat is shiny, and she is happy.  The wonderful care that Chris, Jack and Sarah provide is the reason she is 31 and still going strong. 

This year I made the same tough decision I had to make back in 2004.  I am retiring my two horses that are currently living on Long Island.  This decision was followed by a lot less research as I knew the only place I would ever retire a horse to was Orchard Equine Retirement, the absolute best retirement farm there is. .”

Full Care Retirement: Testimonial

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