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Retired Horse Paddocks

Grass & Dirt Paddocks for Individual Turnout with Nelson Automatic Heated Waterers

Paddocks are fenced in a combination off Four Board Oak Fencing, Keepsafe Diamond Mesh and No Climb Fencing.  Corners are rounded and or angled whenever possible for safety.

 Pony Prison is the universal name given to our dry lot paddock located in close proximity to the residence thus allowing for close monitoring of newly arrived horses and horses on lay-up turnout.

Pony Prison is directly connected to two grass paddocks allowing access to grass on a limited basis for horses in Pony Prison.

Each of the pastures has a dry lot for use during wet weather or when the herds need to be contained for healthcare visits.  The dry lots are large enough to allow your horse ample room to exercise and access to a loafing shed.

Since our dry lots provide access to shelter, your horse can be turned out even during inclement weather to exercise. We strongly believe it is important for the horses to have time to exercise even during inclement weather, footing permitting, as a precaution against impaction colics.

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